I Get it, its daunting putting your day in the hands of a stranger and that is why you're here reading this. There are thousands of us photographers and picking the right one for you is torture, trust me I've been there.

There really is a photographer for everyone, Horse's for course's and all that.

Wether you are on a budget or looking for a certain editing style or personality to run with you on your day and bounce off there's lots of options out there.

But are we right for Each other?..

Thats why I've I have created this page to show you both exactly what investment and return you get from me, start to finish.

Emma and Corey.

Hey, I'm Aidan Francis

Generally my first initial contact with you is through the website email tab or social media, at this point I presume you both would have liked my style enough to explore me as your photographer and that's why your getting in intouch. After a phonecall or FaceTime I always suggest a face to face meeting, coffee or drinks, this is where my work begins, I love to get to know all my couples and their stories, each one is unique & I really feel like breaking down that "Stranger" barrier helps so much on the day and just puts us both at ease.

Unlimited Consultations, Preshoot & why its important...

So many things can change during your wedding process (just look at last year), that is why its so important to stay in touch with each other, every few months even for just a catch up and natter about the day. Im not going to lie, I am the busiest I have ever been but believe in the process and that means I find and make time to speak to my couples when they need me.

For me, When I got married the Preshoot was such a good idea, getting together for a few hours with your Photographer, to have a bit banter on & to work on a few things that will help you achieve those dreamy couple images every bride dreams of. Obviously its not for everyone and of course that's fine by me but I can't stress how exciting it was for me and my wife to meet our photographer a few months before the wedding, it just built the excitement and made our day and his flow so easy!

On The Day...

At this point I hoping I feel pretty much like your mate, we will have had lots of catch ups and chats at this point that I will just be part of the furniture... that's the beauty of my style and how we get those natural, unposed and beautiful images.

Im with you guys all day, enjoying every minute of your day, I love ever single wedding I go to, everyone is different and I absolutely love making everyone laugh and feel at ease.

It Not Over...

Just because your wedding day is done doesn't mean its over, in fact its just the beginning of a amazing love story with no ending, that's how I see it anyway.

At this point you're no longer a couple to me, your my lifetime pals, I still regularly meet with my pals for drinks or a lush brew & sometime they bring their albums along so we can laugh and relive the day.

If I'm totally honest I have the best jobs in the world, I get to be a big part of making your day amazing, I get lots of new pals and get to travel around the country, what's not to love?

Come say hi, id love to meet you both.