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Alreet Pet, Im Aidan Francis, iM Buzzing youre here.

I get it, finding the perfect wedding photographer is so stressful, trust me ive been there! I truly believe that there is more to it than just taking pictures, lots of people know how to use cameras these days but to get those beautiful pictures, you need to connect with your photographer on a personal level, know they are going to put you at ease and have a laugh with you.


Elegant - Bright - Beautiful

I love light & warm photography. You will have seen that there are lots of photography editing styles;, dramatic, dark & moody, and light & airy to name a few. Personally when looking for our wedding photographer, we didn't want to look back at our wedding day and see darkened images or overly posed situations that just didn't feel natural, it just wasn't for us. We wanted our day to be remembered as it was, bright & warm filled with laughs and smiles.

That’s how I like to showcase your wedding. Showing that bright & beautiful day that you and all your guests will remember, forever.


If you’re looking for a photographer to stand out the way quietly and press a button, then I might not be right for you. Sure I could do it and your photos will be lovely but I think you're here reading this because you want that little bit more, so here it is!

I love getting involved, mingling with you and your guests, putting you all at ease and ensuring that you get all the images you dreamt of before you booked me. Im not a fan of overly posed dramatic shots. I want your day to flow and your images to reflect the natural progression of the day.

If you want natural, bright & beautiful, fun images to remember your day you're in safe hands, we’ll have a laugh and you won’t feel like a spectacle in front of the camera. Have a look below.


BTS @ Bradybury Glade for Sammy & Dans Real Woodland Wedding, check below for the Image we produced here!

Romantic & Bold

I am an absolute sucker for romantic couple shots; up close and personal imagery that your kids will look back at years from now and think "Jesus, Mam & Dad were HOT”.


Capturing you day with Elegant wide shots not only focusing on you but your stunning venue is really important to us and our style. No one books the expensive venue for it not to be showcased.