This photograph is pretty much it… it sum us up perfectly.

Colourful, bright and sometimes a little rigid (being 6ft 5 does that), we've been in love from the beginning, 10 years together & married for 3!

We've two lovely skin-children & two furry ones too. We recently moved into our Dutch cottage and painted far too many things dark, which is polar opposite to our bright and warm photography style.

Behind the scenes we work together well, Rachael is the brains & Aidan the creative, the cogs for this machine match perfectly.

Photo Credit - Carn Patrick Photography


Aidan Francis Is your main photographer, he's the hype guy who gets right in there amongst the action, you're likely to find him flirting with nana or on the dance floor, or singing at the top of his voice with the lads, he loves to feel like an extended guest rather than a photographer and that what gets him those all natural shots!

Rachael Marie is the oil that makes the cogs work, she runs Social Media, Web design & Printing. She also sometimes second shoots with Aidan at weddings when required.

“I have no doubts in my head I have THE BEST job in the world. II get to go to so many amazing places, meet new amazing couples all the time and live out beautiful wedding days over and over, I’ll never take that for granted.”

"Before Francis Burn I was a qualified engineer but my love of photography just took over and I had to take the leap into wedding photography. To me it’s more than clicking a camera, it’s the whole thing, getting to know people and getting involved, that's what produces the best photographs that last a lifetime."

“Seeing Aidan excited about his career for the first time since I met him meant I had no choice but to be in this 100%. Fast forward a few years and not only am I building websites, running social media and creating content, but I get to tag along occasionally as a second shooter, sharing peoples wedding days. I fell into something that I now couldn’t imagine not doing!”

”Saying that, my main job is keeping Aidan grounded… his imagination runs away and he needs reigning in! His impulsivity keeps me on my toes!”