November Rain,

Most brides have this irrational fear that even if its july the 1st it will be 9 degrees and raining cats and dog from 7am to midnight, i mean fair enough it is Britain after all isn't it?

Having a autumn wedding doesnt mean you have to sacrafice your pictures you just need to grab a glass of your favourite bubbly and take a brolley and smash it, like these legends did.

Heavy rain from about 11am pretty much all day was'nt going to dampen the party, Rebecca & Tony had a plan & that was to have the best day no matter what even if i meant ending the night with your dress drip drying in the shower and your wife to be in her tracks! Im all over it!

Shout out to Shotton grange, by far one of my favourite venues now having done a few weddings here in quick succession, staff are 11/10 and the food - MY GOD MAN.