DoxFord Barns - Winter Wonderland

When Lauren and Rick first came to me about covering their wedding I remember Lauren mentioning hiring a snow machine for her pictures she has booked Doxford Barns in Northumberland, Little did we know that on December 15, 2022 Northumberland would be littered with beautiful white snow.

Just to set the scene a little, Lauren and Rick are professional wedding models meaning they get hired by some of the best wedding photographers and aspiring photographers in the country so it was such an honour for me to be us buy them to capture their day.

Now when I say these guys are down Earth I really mean it, having spoke to Lauren a few times prior to the wedding she told me she just wanted those natural pictures of real smiles & laughter. Her idea was going to be very much wintry and theatrical based having been involved in acting in the past.

The day started out so fun with the bridal party open the hayloft walking and champagne dancing and singing & the guys babysitting the dogs and drinking beers in one of the cottages.

Fast forward to the wedding and I have to say I have never seen quite sure like it the celebrant had all the guests singing the days of Christmas along with Christmas songs and carols flying all over the place, it was a sight to behold, I can't wait to see the wedding video from my favourite guys over Stark Films.

After some couple pictures and family in group portraits we flew inside for some magic from the hired magician and even more singing and dancing with singing waiters.

We had some really hilarious speeches and then onto the delicious food as ever served by Doxford Barns before the night time started with sparklers, Cake cutting, Flower toss and first dance leading into one unreal party.

Normally I would stay a couple of songs after the first dance but the party was that buzzing I stayed well into the evening and had such a laugh for these guys.

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