A Photographers Worst Nightmare……

When I booked this wedding I was buzzing, I mean who doesn't want a isolated, stunning , listed building covered in ivy, hidden in North Yorkshire to shoot a Winter Wedding?

24 hours after storm Arwen hit and wrecked Northern England, I was worrying about how I was going to get to such a remote place with snow and major roads closed due to fallen trees. So, I set off early and after a long slow drive and a bump in the car I got to the venue. Now wedding venues are normally bustling on the day of a Wedding, everyone trying to get ready, booked in and suppliers trying to set up… but this place was empty still, I began wondering if, due to the weather, the wedding had been canceled unbeknown to me.

Regardless, in I went, opening the beautiful old wooden door to find candles just about giving enough light to see a member of staff, after a quick chat I realised what we were up against!. The storm had stopped all electric and water supplies for miles and we had no idea of when they would be back on. Now, im confident with my cameras but this building is hundreds of years old and it was grand and dark… as a natural light photographer this was going to be my biggest challenge.

Bit of a background story here, James and Ash were childhood sweethearts, they dreamed of getting married from very young and after 18 months of lockdowns and restrictions were not going to let this spoil the mood, the wedding was definitely happening, regardless of the situation.

Having no water or electric was a problem, not only for staff who would be cooking food, changing and dressing rooms, but mainly the bride getting ready on her big day she had dreamt of for as long as she can remember. Situations like this really show you the best in people and after making a few phone calls, Ashleigh and the girls were off to a near by Cafe who kindly allowed the girls to occupy a backroom to get ready. Huge thanks to Mainsgill Farm Shop for making it happen!

The wedding was in late November so darkness sweeps in pretty early and with the wedding @ 3.10PM, we had around 20 minutes of light to grab photos before it was pitch black, loosing any natural light coming into the building with just candles that barely lit this stunning building.

I asked the staff if it was possible to get the white conservatory emptied, these poor guys were ran off their feet but so professional jumped straight on it, it was really the only place I could use the flash to compliment my bright style, bouncing two off camera flash rigs off the white walls and ceiling until I got the light right, grabbing any guest I could to shine their phone lights on people so I could get a focus on them, it was literally pitch black.

I have to commend The Morritt staff. It’s absolutely insane how they pulled out all the stops to make this day still go head, From keeping everyone warm with open fires topped up, moving hundreds of candles round in the dark to make the rooms look romantic, Cooking a simply beautiful meal (and I had one so I testify), on two gas BBQ's in the kitchen & working their socks off all day and night. The guys really do go one step beyond what they have to, from management level to waitresses, they were incredible and I would recommend this venue to anyone because should they worst happen, they find a way to fix it!

When The DJ arrived to find there was no power, which meant he was pretty much couldn't do anything at all, we chatted for a while we decided we were still going to try and make the first dance work somehow, even if we had to play the first dance song through his MacBook in the hope everyone could hear. It was at this point as the guest were at the other end of the building in a candle lit bar, laughing and joking when the power came back on. There was such a roar it made my hair stand on end. This made for the perfect ending to a perfect day. Ironically the first dance song was "Dancing in the moonlight" By Star Sailor, You couldn't write it, Could you?

I had so much fun, I would it all again and again. It just goes to show if you love each other that much, nothing will stop you, All the Best Mr & Mrs Lamb.

Massive credit to all of the suppliers for making this day happen on a day where the weather was the worst I’ve ever experienced!

The Morritt // Mainsgill Farm Shop // Appleforth Avenue Florists // Make up by Lyndsey @ Show Off // Hair by Faye @ The Hair House